Science Communication and Biosafety Policy Training

Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is the only organization in Bangladesh that is serving to coordinate and mobilize the policy environment and improve the broader system for agricultural biotechnology in Bangladesh.

To raise awareness about the role of agricultural innovations in achieving food security, Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) hosted a training program for scientists, academia, and extension experts titled ‘Agribiotechnology for Food Security: Communicating Science, Evidence and Policy’. The training program was focused on the skills of effectively communicating both the science behind agricultural innovations and the societal benefits associated with its public acceptance and adoption.

FFB has organized two discussion programs on ‘Applications of Agri-biotechnology and Role of Regulatory Affairs in Bangladesh’. The aim of the discussion program was to provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to talk about the issues, prospects, and challenges of applications of agricultural biotechnology research and innovation in Bangladesh and issues related to regulatory affairs. Renowned national and international experts, academics, representatives from government and non-government organizations, and policy experts attended the event and shared their valuable knowledge, and experience, and offered their recommendations.

FFB has collaborated and closely worked with the South Asian Biosafety Program (SABP) for policy-level implementation. Besides, leading public and private universities has been affiliated with FFB to develop university-based Alliance for Science group/Science Club/Youth Groups. FFB has also worked with the Bangladesh Association of Biotechnology Graduates (BABG), a national-level association consisting of more than 1500 graduate biotechnologists from reputed public and private universities in the country.

Scientist and Academia Engagement Events

Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is focused on networking, coalition building, social mobilization, and capacity building of public and private university scientists, academics, and students. Academics and media-friendly university scientists who can serve as reputable experts on the subject matter are engaged and invited to communication, outreach, and capacity-building programs.

FFB engaged university scientists by inviting them as technical speakers, FFB TV talk show guests, participants, and observers in FFB’s various communication, outreach, and capacity-building activities. A number of scientists took part in the FFB’s Media training program and presented their works as well as trained the journalists. They helped the participants to understand the GMO, GE, Myths and Reality, and the importance of Agribiotechnology for ensuring food and nutrition security. Moreover, they conducted sessions during the knowledge sharing and training event with faith based-leaders and imams on the importance of access to agricultural innovations, highlighting the treatment and support of Islamic beliefs and sharia.

Through Deepto Krishi Sanglap (Agriculture dialogue show), FFB has engaged more than 20 national and international scientists and academia as guests who discussed the challenges and opportunities of agricultural development and innovations.

In addition to that, Farming Future Bangladesh supports developing a long-term working relationship with the academia/scientists and engaging them with media through op-eds, interviews, and other meetings and project outreach programs.