Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is a science and evidence-based comprehensive communication and community engagement organization, aimed to improve access to modern agricultural innovations including crop biotechnology for sustainable food security in Bangladesh. 

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We are located at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Plot: 1148 (3rd & 4th floor), Road: 09/A, Avenue: 10, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka-1216. You can find us on Map

Developing a sustained community of advocates who can advance a pro-science enabling environment, foster demand for broad set of crops and traits and generate political and social support for agricultural innovation Bangladesh.

FFB is effectively engaging key stakeholders and community of advocates who are working in a coordinated way to promote access to scientific innovations as a means of enhancing food security, improving environmental sustainability, and raising the quality of life. 

We are proudly partnered with Alliance for Science, Department of Global Development and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of Cornell University, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Michigan State University.

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We are working with the agriculture, food, climate change, environment, health, nutrition, and youth of Bangladesh.

FFB is led by a team of expert professionals, national and international advisors and board of directors. Md. Arif Hossain is currently heading the FFB team as the CEO and Executive Director of Farming Future Bangladesh. 

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You can join us through our Cornell Global Leadership Fellows Program, online courses, capacity-building training programs, workshops, seminars, and outreach programs. Also, we have programs for youth and young professionals. 

Furthermore, you can join us by registering as a volunteer. We also hire interns and executives. Keep an eye on our career page and social media platforms for updates.

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Our stakeholder includes public and private sector scientists, academia, researchers, extension officials, faith-based leaders and communities, media professionals, medical and nutrition professionals, policymakers, civil society members, youth, farmers, and consumers. 

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Yes, we work with the relevant government ministries, departments and organizations i.e., Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Food, Department of Environment (DoE), Bangladesh National Nutrition Council, National Agricultural Research System (NARS) institutes, Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) and Agriculture Information Service (AIS), Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition (BIRTAN), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) and Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI).

Yes, we work with youth communities in Bangladesh. Currently, around 15 public and private universities, science clubs, and related organizations are engaged in FFB youth campaigns and activities. In addition, we work and collaborate with youth groups and communities in various national and international institutions.

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