Media Publication 

FFB utilizes media tools to effectively communicate with mass people and end-users. FFB has moderated a national-level round table discussion on agribiotech issues, which was followed by the publication of a special newspaper supplement to reach end-users and mass people. Also, FFB maintains a dynamic website to disseminate messages to the targeted audience. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, are very effective in making information available across different stakeholder groups.

Roundtable Discussion

To disseminate knowledge and expand awareness about the importance of agribiotechnology in achieving food & nutrition security in Bangladesh, Farming Future Bangladesh organized a roundtable discussion, titled, “Agricultural Innovation and Agribiotechnology for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Bangladesh”, on June 28, 2022, in Prothom Alo office. The program engaged key experts from the public and private sector, and national and international organizations, including development partners who shared their views and prospects about agricultural innovation in achieving food and nutrition goals highlighting its significance in countries like Bangladesh. The special newspaper supplement has shared key information and reached 5 million national readers of Prothom Alo and approx. 16 million online audiences through their social media channels, for a greater impact.


FFB collaborates with academics, scientists, and researchers to publish articles on issues including food safety, nutrition security, agricultural innovations, and climate change to share knowledge and increase end-user awareness. Regularly, the articles are published in the national dailies. These opinion pieces provide the general public with information from experienced professionals regarding the technologies that are contributing to ensuring food and nutrition security.

Social Media Activity

Farming future Bangladesh maintains a dynamic website and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to disseminate evidence-based key messages to different targeted stakeholder groups.

FFB utilizes social media tools to effectively communicate with mass people. Few successful campaigns engaged many walks of life and created awareness of modern agricultural innovations including crop biotechnology for sustainable food security in Bangladesh. 'March for Science was one of the effective campaigns to reach mass people along with our key stakeholders celebrating Science and innovations. ‘গুজব নয়, বিজ্ঞান ছড়ান', a vaccination campaign has been initiated during the surge of COVID-19 through our social media platforms to support and show the world that Bangladeshi people can debunk myths with science and evidence.

TV and Radio 

Farming Future Bangladesh actively engages and empowers the wider audience with content and evidence-based information sharing. Messaging and content on agricultural innovations and agribiotech are developed for television and radio programs regularly.

FFB has already aired a 13-episode radio program titled Krishite Udvabon with the state-owned radio station Bangladesh Betar to promote evidence-based information about agricultural innovation including biotechnology, GMO, and GM crops in Bangladesh. Selected community radio is also in our program line to maximize the audience's reach and impact.

Farming Future Bangladesh is regularly hosting the Deepto Krishi Sanglap on the renowned TV channel Deepto TV to discuss and share evidence-based information based on issues not limited to food security, nutrition, agricultural innovations, modern technology, agriculture to secure SDGs, agribiotech and many more. It helps to influence the enabling environment for modern agricultural innovations and agribiotech. FFB presented Deepto Krishi Sanglap (Agriculture Dialogue) actively involving ministry officials, executives, extension officials, researchers, academia, and farmers in dialogue. A similar TV program was organized on Chanel 24, a prominent television channel in Bangladesh, to get insights and highlight the former Director of Alliance for Science, Sarah Evanega.

Covid-19 vaccination Campaign 

‘গুজব নয়, বিজ্ঞান ছড়ান' is a social media awareness campaign from Farming Future Bangladesh. The campaign aims to spread science and evidence-based information and myth-busting anti-vaccine allegations.

Amidst this global pandemic where Covid-19 has already taken 1.9 million lives around the world, the wild spread of misinformation, social media distraction and lack of public awareness have given rise to the so-called “Infodemic” which is spreading faster than COVID -19. Misleading information is towering over all the hard work behind the vaccine. Since the 10th century, history has shown us how vaccines have saved an uncountable number of lives from previous pandemics and other deadly diseases. Now, it’s on us, how we embrace the blessings of science and technology.

Today, due to the vaccine, both infection and death rates have declined. Moreover, the coronavirus vaccine has allowed us to safeguard the entire country over time. The Coronavirus vaccine is safe. It poses no harmful reaction. We can keep ourselves and society healthy and combat the novel virus by taking the vaccine shot. Through video messages, we want to show the world that Bangladeshi people can debunk myths with science and evidence.

Join our campaign and send us a 20-30 second video message on our Facebook page ( supporting covid vaccination and evidence of science.


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