Grassroots Outreach

Imams selected for the Grassroot Outreach program receive Training of Trainers (ToT) from Farming Future Bangladesh and are assigned by Imam Training Academy (ITA). Through the outreach programs, during the khutba and Islamic lectures, Imams share evidence-based information focusing on the acceptance of modern agricultural innovation and technology in considering religious views especially aligned with the Islamic references to the grassroots farmers and the beneficiaries.

During the ToT, Muslim scholars learn about the success of modern innovation and the potential of agribiotechnology to overcome challenges including climate change and receding farming land. Participants agreed that modern innovation and technology should be adopted to feed the increasing population and support proper management of the food value chain. They were also trained up with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences regarding science communication and community engagement approach.

Farming Future Bangladesh is also working towards establishing similar programs with the Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist communities regarding the importance and benefits of agribiotechnology applications, the importance of healthier food, and the utilization of better available options for increased nutrition in dietary behavior.