Transformative practices need to be evidence-driven and traceable. Farming Future Bangladesh highlights evidence-based innovations in social, economic, and environmental contexts. We promote hands-on mechanisms that empower communities to combat food security issues. Springboarding development requires the partners to take plain-to-see actionable, and therefore, leverage cutting edge instruments. With growing challenges in climate, livelihood, and environment, communities are confronted with multidimensional crises. Modern innovations can be the recipe to a more organized, just, and rewarding agronomy. Our core belief: if there is evidence, the adoption of new science-backed tools becomes more sustainable.


Access to innovations spurs from engaging the beneficiaries. FFB works as a launchpad for the deciders, influencers, and end-users in agriculture. We engage the deciders to facilitate agricultural innovations, the influencers to champion transformative decisions, and the end-users to practice efficient farming methods. Agriculture is not only about farming. It has a big role to play amid the imminent threats to food security. To safeguard our communities, FFB brings stakeholders closer to effective collaboration. Our communication initiatives in knowledge dissemination, capacity building, and transformative findings stem from engaging our friends in agriculture. Our planned engagement programs including upskilling scientists, agriculture officials, faith leaders, and media professionals - create an enabling environment where key stakeholders are learned about improved agricultural benefits.


Communities excel when empowerment comes from innovations. FFB motivates the beneficiaries to understand the avenues in agricultural technology and make science-based decisions. We empower the stakeholders by relaying truth-based information about agricultural innovations. There is no contingency when it comes to the safety of our nutrition. To fit innovations, in reality, FFB spearheads.