Imam Training Program

Imams can play a significant role in disseminating agricultural innovations. Framing Future Bangladesh (FFB) has engaged Imams and Imam Training Academy (ITA) officials to educate them about modern agricultural innovations, including crop biotechnology so that they can educate and engage the community to avail the benefits of agricultural innovations for sustainable food security. The trained Imams are currently working in their community to disseminate the message during prayers and community discussions. FFB supports them with evidence-based Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials for consistent messaging.

Creating Awareness by Engaging Imams on the Progress of Agri-biotechnology in Bangladesh

Framing Future Bangladesh (FFB) has implemented capacity building program for Imams in collaboration with the Imam Training Academy (ITA), which is a national-level training institute working under the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. FFB has conducted a day-long Training of Trainers (ToT) titled ‘Agricultural Innovation for Sustainable Food Security of Bangladesh’ for improved the capacity of 50 numbers of trainers of ITA and enlisted Imams of Islamic Foundation at Imam Training Academy Auditorium, Islamic Foundation, Agargoan, Dhaka on April 24, 2019.

The program was aimed to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of religious leaders for information sharing on agriculture, food, and nutrition through the applications of modern agri-biotechnology for sustainable food security in Bangladesh. A total of 80 registered imams and ITA Trainers, Scientists, GoB officials from Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Cornell, and Farming future officials and technical experts have participated in the ToT.


Framing Future Bangladesh (FFB) conducted a two-day capacity-building program titled, “Role of Imams for Ensuring Food Security Through Agricultural Innovation and Application of Agribiotechnology in Bangladesh” from June 22-23, 2021, at the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) in Dhaka.

More than 100 Imams, enlisted by the Imam Training Academy (ITA), joined the event to interact with scientists, academia, and development partners to talk about modern agricultural innovations including GMO and crop biotechnology which in turn is expected to generate awareness. Participants discussed the importance of demystifying misinformation about agricultural innovations, specially aligned with the Islamic references.